Bob is our Bible answer man. He would be happy to do his best in providing a solid Bible answer to your question. If he doesn’t know, he will tell you, and suggest ways of finding the answer!Continue Reading


We have a new page on our site, a menu item (yes a pun is intended) where we have the privilege of feeding on bits of wisdom from our brother Bob Warrington through these brief video clips. Check out the thoughtful slivers page HERE to see the latest! Bob hasContinue Reading


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Ezekiel’s life and ministry witnessed a nation’s demise and foresaw a restoration of broken lives. We will explore the Spirit-filled life of the believer and learn powerful insights into how to be shaped by our own personal encounters with the living God. We will have about 10 sessions in thisContinue Reading

Receiving the Holy Ghost – Charles Spurgeon Sermon Acts 19:2 “He said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? And they said unto him, We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost. “ Here the great Baptist preacher tells us about the essenceContinue Reading

Ron: Sometimes I get in a hurry and forget to simply see what God is doing and not griping about what I want him to be doing! This article by George Iskaros found on the site helps me understand when I want to know “WHY?” Why? The three letterContinue Reading

Ron: I’ve been having trouble letting God have the control over many things this article has helped me! Does something in your life seem out of control? If so, it is time to let God handle it.  Whether it is an emotional upset, a mental block, a physical challenge, orContinue Reading

This is a program dedicated to every person struggling who has the courage to face the truth about themselves, the humility to abandon their flawed attempts at living, and who is willing to find God’s truth and live accordingly. We all have hurts, unresolved conflicts and unhealthy ways we avoidContinue Reading

By Will Graham Dec 10, 2020 Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina, one of my favorite pastimes was searching for gemstones in nearby creeks. I would use an old colander that had served its purpose in the kitchen and had been relegated to a second life as aContinue Reading

a powerful teaching of the core secrets of the Christian life. Be patient. Focus on what he is saying! This sermon was preached about 130 years ago, so it is being read. It is not an actual recording. Charles Haddon Spurgeon was called the Prince of preachers. The guy readingContinue Reading

Ron: I struggled with this question when I first started to believe! What I found out is that it all starts in the head, then moves to the heart! When I learn to trust in the Lord more & more , the head battles don’t win as often! A messageContinue Reading

  Being a double minded Christian is a sure fire recipe for confusion and defeat. 8 warning signs that you may be double minded. Click to read the article  at  Continue Reading