How do I get “saved”?

A simple prayer to help you begin talking to God

An interesting dialogue about Salvation
Ray Comfort shares the gospel with a young woman named Julia who doesn’t want to believe in Christianity. Ray specifically points out the reason why she and so many others choose not to believe the truth.
A very simple explanation of Salvation
Billy Graham explains “Born again” John 3

RAVI ZECHARIAS answers a few common objections to Chritian faith.

Questions that are addressed are: Intro: Do we have a God of the gaps (i.e. will science answer all our questions?)

1) Does Jesus claim He is divine or did we decide He is? @17:30

2) How do you respond to non-believers who accuse Christians of being hateful to people who support lifestyles that are not according to our faith (e.g. homosexuality)? @20:38

3) What is your advice to local churches about how to engage with society’s issues using music and the arts? @31:58

4) How do you explain the drastic difference between the wrathful Old Testament God and gracious New Testament God? @39:50

5) If our God is a loving God, why is the path to heaven so narrow? @48:30

6) How can I believe in a God that has let me go through so much suffering? @53:57

7) Are Christians called to be passivists in military services? @1:09:27

8) How do we study apologetics and approach others about our faith? @1:15:16

9) I believe Jesus and the Holy Spirit and God are co-eternal but I don’t understand why it says Jesus is the Son of God? @1:24:07

Christianity’s claims to exclusivity (versus other religions)
Why I am not an Atheist. Ravi Zecharias at Princeton University

You can pray right now to receive God’s free gift of Eternal life through faith in Jesus.