Donations Page

Three ways to donate!

In person

Attend services and drop donation in our offering box: All donations over $50 identified with name and address will receive a charitable donations receipt early in the new year

in the entry area

2. Etransfer:

Etransfer to:

No password is needed. Autodeposit is active.

IF YOU WANT TO DESIGNATE: When you send a transfer there is a box where you can send a message. Use this box to specify a designation for the use of funds, or to specify a different individual as source of the donation other than the name normally attached to your transfers via your bank account holder name.

At this time we are only accepting designations for General Fund and Missions Fund. If you make no designation, we assume it is a donation to the General Fund. Your donations will be tracked for Revenue Canada Charitable Donations Receipt purposes. You can mix transfer or in person donations. they will be tracked to your name attached to the donation.

Detailed instructions: ( how to do an e- transfer); Almost all banks use the same system. If you have online banking and don’t know how to set up an e-transfer, click here to see the RBC video instructions.

3) Simply mail your cheque to:

Westlock Baptist Church, 10736-101 St, Westlock AB T7P1H7

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