Ezekiel’s life and ministry witnessed a nation’s demise and foresaw a restoration of broken lives. We will explore the Spirit-filled life of the believer and learn powerful insights into how to be shaped by our own personal encounters with the living God. We will have about 10 sessions in thisContinue Reading

This is a program dedicated to every person struggling who has the courage to face the truth about themselves, the humility to abandon their flawed attempts at living, and who is willing to find God’s truth and live accordingly. We all have hurts, unresolved conflicts and unhealthy ways we avoidContinue Reading

We are restarting services but with a strict seating limit. We will hold services at 10 am and 2 pm and evening fellowship 7 pm Sundays. Call now to reserve your seats! 1 (780) 206-8462 Please call Sandi Saari at +1 (780) 206-8462 to book your seat. Please come onlyContinue Reading


Android and IOS! Our church app has a lot of powerful capabilities Access sermons, news, website blogs donate online keep a personal prayer list participate in the church prayer needs join our church’s own daily bible readings in whatever version you select ( this helps us stay on the sameContinue Reading

Click on Woodshack or Tuesday study image to connect to ZOOM Group. For Tuesday Night With Don and MarionContinue Reading

We are not holding public meetings. Please join us by creating a user account on this site, and attending virtual meetings via Zoom. To enter a meeting, follow the meeting menu item. It may take us a while to get these going on a regular basis. Meanwhile be sure toContinue Reading

With so many of us being confined to our homes, we need to work harder at keeping in touch. PLEASE create a user/login account on this site. Click HERE to set yourself up as a site user. As a user, you will get content and you will be able toContinue Reading

Westlock Baptist Church Statement of Faith Bible: We believe the Bible to be the complete Word of God; that the sixty-six (66) books, as originally written comprising the Old and New Testaments were verbally inspired by the Spirit of God and were entirely free from error, that the Bible isContinue Reading

“We glorify God by knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and by making him known” We are hoping to make a multitude of resources available to you on our new website. There will be organized links to videos and a large variety of aids to help you grow inContinue Reading