This site has a limited public face and a members-only face. It has many internal church-only functions. By setting up as a user of the site, you will be able to:

  • access internal church communications,
  • post comments,
  • share prayer requests.
  • contact others who have agreed to share their information,
  • use the church iOS or Android app which brings you daily Bible readings and access to many website functions,
  • and be an active part of this exciting and life-changing community!

To register as a site user, please submit the form below. Your information will be personally reviewed and a consent form will be emailed to you.

Then you will be issued with a login user name and password. The password can be modified, and you can adjust and add to your user profile.

Our privacy policy is stated here. Basically, we only use this information within the church, and only other members and adherents can see the information you provide. You are not to share contact information outside of this group or disseminate any of it in any form!

NAME: You don’t need to give a middle name. If you have a nickname you like to be called, please supply it! Provide an email address that can be visible to the members. If you prefer not, there is a workaround but you need to contact the site admin.  

PHOTO: Please put up a close-up mug shot!  Choose a file on your computer or device, then upload it. 

SMALL GROUP: If you are in a group already, please checkmark. If you want or hope to join one, please mark it as well. 

SOCIALS This is where you can share social links that you use regularly so others that use that social platform can friend you.  Find the username on your social profile if you don’t know it. You don’t enter the full url of your page, just the username. Please Specify your user MEMBER TYPE  “member” means an official church member

DATES of Membership- just rough dates for existing church members- don’t worry if you don’t know. 

MINISTRIES- please click all that you know you are officially involved in. These would be the ones printed on the church bulletin from time to time.

TESTIMONY– Either write one now, or upgrade this later- write a few sentences about yourself

PRIVACY/Permissions- Here is where you give us permissions to limit your exposure to messages we send out or how you are seen by other registered users. We are not using bulk SMS at this time, but if you have a mobile phone number listed individuals may text you messages. 

 THEN ADD PEOPLE  living at the same address as you  by clicking the “Add another person” button using the same steps to set up others in your household.  A Household is two or more of you at the same physical address.  Please post a family photo if that applies. If you’re just you, then, put an interesting photo in the Household space of yourself doing something interesting, like a hobby!

By filling in this form, you are granting permission for us to use the information you provide for internal use on this website, and for communication between website subscribers. Please Respect personal information, and do not disseminate contact information without the person’s consent!

Using  the WEBSITE:  After your registration application is REVIEWED and APPROVED. You will be sent an email with your login username and password.  Please write these down.  You can also set a simpler password if you want by using the built in password reset function.

After entering your email address, press enter or return and if you are registered you will be taken to the next log-on stage. If you are not an existing registered member, then please select the "I'm not registed yet" button below and follow the registration details.