Right Track Recovery

This is a program dedicated to every person struggling who has the courage to face the truth about themselves, the humility to abandon their flawed attempts at living, and who is willing to find God’s truth and live accordingly.

We all have hurts, unresolved conflicts and unhealthy ways we avoid dealing with them, along with justifying behaviour that offends those we love.

This program is for people struggling in relationships, those preparing for marriage or working through painful separation and divorce. It is for those who have been wounded through sexual abuse (or have caused it), abandonment, or domestic violence. It is for perfectionists, avoiders, men and women affected by pornography, alcohol, drugs, gamblers, food addiction, cell phone addiction etc. It is for those who feel they are victims and for those who are skeptical of Christianinty, or who feel something is missing or are wondering if this is all there is to life- or is there something more?

Full emotional and relational healing is possible through Jesus Christ. These sessions will lead you toward a healthy relationship with God, yourself and others so you can catch a vision for the life God intended when he created you. Right track is just the tool. But what you experience is a journey accomplished through Jesus Christ.

What the 12 steps teach

The 12 steps are used by many people with all kinds of problems and are the basis for many recovery programs such as AA, Al Anon, Gamblers anonymous, Narcotics anonymous, Overeaters anonymous and hundreds of recovery groups. There are over 500 such groups listed in the New York City yellow pages!

These principles are truths: By following the 12 steps we can deal with shame, worry, false pride, stubbornness and fears.

Truths require principles: We addicts don’t like rules or suggestions very well- but these principles offer a new way of life. They give us a new way to think and act.

Principles are also beliefs: Even in our addiction there are rules for how to act- and these become beliefs and in their way, they become a new way of life.

There is NO COST for this program. It is backed up by Westlock Baptist Church, but you DO NOT need to attend church in order to participate.

Call to discuss this and to ask about how you might fit into this recovery group: Don H 780-349-0362 OR Marion Z 780-307-2717

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