Thoughtful Slivers

We have a new page on our site, a menu item (yes a pun is intended) where we have the privilege of feeding on bits of wisdom from our brother Bob Warrington through these brief video clips. Check out the thoughtful slivers page HERE to see the latest!

Bob has been a pastor in Evangelical Free association in Tilley Alberta, a missionary pastor in Fairview, AB, and a mennonite pastor in Smith, AB. Studied Music and sang and taught semi-professionally. He was a teacher of God’s word for many years. We are glad he is back to his childhood roots as a Baptist. We appreciate him for being a careful listener, and being willing to look at things from a fresh vantage point, but with an uncompromising commitment to the word of God. He sees the scripture as a living and breathing book in the sense that we encounter God himself as we embrace the truths written in the Bible. Bob doesn’t get hung up about irrelevant matters and sticks to the most important things pertaining to the establishing and upkeep of a genuine walk with God.

We aren’t quite sure what he means by the old stump. Maybe it is a reference to God’s self revelation in the word – regarded as old fashioned? Or it is a reference to himself? We certainly don’t see him as a stump! To us, Bob is a green tree planted by streams of living water, still bearing fruit in season. Or maybe the stump is a reference to the remnant of God’s people as in Isa 6:13: “But as the terebinth and oak leave stumps when they are cut down, so the holy seed will be the stump in the land”. This stump is the remnant of faithful people of God who, though in a vast minority, and though seemingly insignificant, are to be restored to glory as the tree that feeds life to the nations in the last days. If that is what he means, then we can see these thoughts as gems of wisdom in a world awash with ridiculous notions and vain pursuits.

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