Covid-19 Response

We are not holding public meetings. Please join us by creating a user account on this site, and attending virtual meetings via Zoom. To enter a meeting, follow the meeting menu item. It may take us a while to get these going on a regular basis. Meanwhile be sure to browse around, and post your comments on the site! We can get some dialogue going that way.

Call the site admin David T with any ideas for this site to make it a useful tool for keeping in touch! 780-945-6787

You may drop by the church, as there are individuals carrying on renovations, and the pastor and others are occasionally there. Social distancing protocols are being observed.

If the meeting page is not being used for a group event, users of the site may visit using the video conferencing functions available there. It would be great if you want to just hang out there, or phone someone and join them on the church site for a video visit!

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